About aQmen Underwriting

aQmen Underwriting Services is a trading name of Q Underwriting Services Ltd. We are a specialist underwriting agency (an MGA) with delegated underwriting authority from leading insurers.

We provide our network of partner brokers with a range of specialist insurance policies that have been designed for charities and social enterprises, faith-based organisations or recruitment agencies.

We have been serving these sectors for over 10 years and our focus is on providing brokers with cost-effective and suitable insurance for their clients, to help win and retain business. We provide open access to our specialist underwriters who understand the markets and the risks faced by clients.

Specialist Underwriting
All of our policies are underwritten in-house by our dedicated team of specialist underwriters. Our underwriters have a thorough understanding of the risks that our niche markets face, allowing us to provide the right level of cover at the right price and providing the support and expertise necessary to our partner brokers.

Targeted Products
aQmen Underwriting has specialist policies specifically designed for each of our niche sectors. These products can be tailored to each client and capacity is provided by top-rated insurers. We believe this provides brokers with the best insurance solutions for their clients and the best chance of winning and retaining business.

Committed Partnerships
Brokers enjoy close relationships with our underwriters; our team are available to support the insurance and risk management needs of clients through their broker. We have developed a strong trading culture, allowing us to provide the best solutions at the right price; we are proud to have a continually growing network of partner brokers.