Capacity: The foundations of our success

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Here at aQmen Underwriting, it is of paramount importance that we keep our relationships with our capacity providers at the forefront of our day-to-day running. We do this to ensure we are always capable of delivering the best results to our broker partners, helping them to both win and retain business.

aQmen Underwriting has been serving charities and social enterprises, faith-based organisations, and recruitment agencies for more than a decade and have been honing our partnerships with A rated insurers in that time. When we started in 2005, we received delegated underwriting authority from Brit for our charity specialism including our executive risks product. Aviva backed us first in 2011, with our recruitment product, before providing long term delegated authority in 2015 for our faith offering and 2017 for charity.  MS Amlin’s relationship also goes back many years regarding recruitment insurance, to the point that we are now recognised as an established market leader in this sector. There is a reason these blue-chip providers put their trust in us year on year.

Our proposition is underwriter-led, which means both our products and the service we offer you are created to ensure you are getting comprehensive cover for your clients. All our specialist underwriters understand the intricacies of the markets. This unique perspective is another reason for the long-lasting partnerships we have with our capacity providers.

We are part of Q Underwriting, a niche commercial lines underwriter, providing more than 30 products across a vast range of specialisms. With delegated authority from a selection of the best A rated insurers in the country and more than 150 empowered staff, Q Underwriting works hard to provide a robust and reliable service to both our broker and insurer partners.

This year is set to be a big one for all at aQmen Underwriting and Q Underwriting. We look forward to revealing more soon…

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