Improvements to CaSE Charity Insurance & Qtrade Launch

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aQmen Underwriting, part of Q Underwriting, has recently made major changes to our Charity Combined policy.

Suitable for charities, social enterprises, voluntary organisations and community groups, CaSE Charity Combined provides cover for a wide range of activities and events, volunteers included under Employers Liability, Trustee Indemnity with cost effective extensions available and much more.

As part of this, we have also added our specialist Charity Combined product to the Qtrade portal, alongside our Faith and Recruitment Combined products, where you can request a quote which will be directed to an underwriter to review.

Our Charity, Faith and Recruitment Combined products, join a range of specialist commercial products on offer from across Q Underwriting on Qtrade. Request an account here.

The updated and improved Charity Combined wording offers some recently introduced covers and extensions, including:

  • The addition of Business Travel insurance and Event Cancellation cover;
  • Personal Accident now includes the option for a “Multiple of Salary” basis of cover, alongside numerous new extensions;
  • The Executive Risks section has been revised to include the potential to mix and match covers and limits to suit policyholders’ needs;
  • Our Cyber Recovery section now offers a higher limit to support those with greater data exposures.

In addition to the above, other sections have been broadened in the scope of their cover. For example, Loss of Licence cover has been extended to include licences to conduct educational activities or marriage ceremonies. Also, many of the automatic extension limits in Section 1 Material Damage have been increased including Contracts Works which was previously £100,000 and is now up to £250,000.

Providing an entire suite of covers in a simple combined policy, CaSE Charity Combined is available in a range of simple Select Package options or it can be customised to suit the needs of clients and can be amended whenever their requirements do.

Our Charity Combined policy is backed by A rated insurers, and we are committed to finding a solution to help our partner brokers win and retain business. To find out how we can support you, contact us via or request a quote through Qtrade.