Protect Religious Artefacts and Musical Instruments with CaSE Faith

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aQmen Underwriting was formed in 2005 in partnership with specialist charity law firm, Bates Wells and the Charity Aid Foundation. We were created by the sector, for the sector, and developed our dedicated Faith policy in 2015.

We recognise the diverse nature of the sector and the need to provide a wide scope of protection for those who need it. aQmen underwriting only insure charities and social enterprises, so we have a broad understanding of the intricate needs of the industry.

Religious Artefacts

Whether your client is a Temple, Church, Mosque or Synagogue, we recognise the importance of religious artefacts within and the impact loss, theft or damage of these items can cause. Because of this, Religious Artefacts are automatically covered up to £5,000 any one item up to £25,000 any one occurrence, with the option to extend this where necessary.

Among items covered can be:

  • Diwali Lamps
  • Torah Scrolls
  • Bibles
  • Prayer Wheels
  • Prayer Mats

If you need to remove any of these items from the premises for events, with CaSE Faith Insurance, you’re covered for up to £25,000. Again, this can be extended if needed.

Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments play a central role in religious teachings, which is why we’ve made sure you’re able to transport these off the premises safe in the knowledge that you’re covered for up to £2,500 any one item, up to £5,000 any one occurrence should anything go wrong.

What We Believe

To us, helping you win business while ensuring you are confident in our expertise and offering is our main priority. We came into this market to disrupt its limited offerings, using the knowledge and expertise of our people to deliver exactly what your client needs, while allowing flexibility to adapt the cover as required.

For more information, please contact or call 0333 800 9858 to see how our CaSE Faith Insurance can support you.